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We are specialized recruiters who focus on IT Recruitment, Mining & Engineering, and Remuneration Reviews.
When it comes to finding the right fit for your business, we can help. Our background in IT means we have a deep understanding of the IT requirements of business and corporations and what’s expected when it comes to finding experienced and capable candidates.
We deliver quality staff that have the requisite background to fill specific IT roles within your business. From software development, AI and machine learning through to executive and management positions we help deliver the right person for an industry that’s constantly expanding and maturing.

Do you think that someone looking and talking to Software Developers who can talk on their level will make a difference? Do you think an ex IT Technical person will be able to filter the right candidate for your company? Well at Top People that’s what we bring to the table – an ex IT Technical Engineer to recruit for your developers. IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE

Our years of experience in healthcare recruitment and understanding what the client needs on the skill, culture and business side is what sets apart from the rest.

Recruiting in a highly technical industry like IT requires a certain skill set and a level of experience that a run-of-the-mill recruitment agency just isn’t going to be able to provide.

Here at Top People we have a background in technical engineering (Systems and Networks) in the IT industry so we’re able to not only understand the technical aspect of your recruitment needs, we’re able to filter out the candidates that really know what they’re talking about, because we talk their language.

When it comes to IT security – particularly in heavily regulated industries like finance and government, it’s imperative that IT & Cyber Security candidates not only have the skills and experience to fill a particular role, but also the security clearance and techniques, standards, principles, theories, and concepts needed to operate within high level security placements.

Coming from an IT technical, project management and business analyst background ourselves means a deeper understanding about your requirements therefore better candidates for your business. If you want IT recruits from a company that’s been in the trenches, contact Top People today and see how we can make a difference to your business.

Understanding IT means we understand our candidates. Our IT background means we recognise and appreciate the specialised requirements you may need when it comes to app and mobile development.

Our thorough and comprehensive approach to candidate selection means you only get the right people for the job in front of you when it comes time to speak with your future developers.

Building the next generation of tech means being on the cutting edge of AI, Machine Learning and Data Science. Our international connections means we have a worldwide talent pool of machine learning architects, data scientists and AI engineers willing to work with, travel to and build for Australian businesses.

Our background in IT gives us the understanding of your tech requirements that our competition just can’t offer. We’ve got the technical understanding and business acumen to deliver the highest quality AI, machine learning and data scientist candidates.

Leading a team and managing the IT of any company these days is imperative to smooth business processes and communication. Many international companies now have head offices in Brisbane and Sydney which means there’s a demand for smart, tech-savvy IT professionals to fill Management, Executive and Director placements.

Top People offers recruitment expertise in the Mining and Engineering industries. We have a proven track record with a range of mining clients from Junior Explorers to Multi Nationals.

Over the past decade we have successfully sourced employees to fill positions from Chief Executive Officers to junior Mining Engineers.

Are you concerned about the two strikes rule, or do you simply want to ensure that you are rewarding your team in a way that balances market competitiveness with retention and motivation?

As an organisation that specialises in the mining industry, with a specific focus on junior explorers, we have a well-grounded understanding of the challenges facing exploration companies and we know how difficult it can be to keep and motivate a small team when you are being buffeted by factors outside of your control, such as the skills crisis or fluctuating commodity prices.

A replacement guarantee is offered on all candidates we place relevant to the seniority of the position. We work hard to ensure our thoroughness of all candidates and the guarantee will not be needed but there is no selection method that is bullet proof. This is why we offer a guarantee to minimize your risk with the process.

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