Are you concerned about the two strikes rule, or do you simply want to ensure that you are rewarding your team in a way that balances market competitiveness with retention and motivation?

As an organisation that specialises in the mining industry, with a specific focus on junior explorers, we have a well-grounded understanding of the challenges facing exploration companies and we know how difficult it can be to keep and motivate a small team when you are being buffeted by factors outside of your control, such as the skills crisis or fluctuating commodity prices.

Our remuneration reviews match like with like, ensuring that we compare your organisation against
similar companies operating in similar conditions. We talk to those companies to find out how their
incentive schemes are working, whether they be performance rights schemes, options or cash grants
and can offer advice on which schemes might be best for you.

We believe that we need to find the best fit for you, and not a ‘one hat fits all’ scheme that suits the reviewer more than the client.

Our reasonably priced Remuneration Reviews will give you confidence that you are striking the right
reward balance with your team and give your investors’ confidence in your remuneration report.

For further information contact Rob Mulholland on 0410 057 055 or email