Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is Top People different from other recruiters?

A: Unlike many other agencies we train our recruiters in selection methodology so that they know what selection tools to apply and how to use them. This means we will recommend candidates that match your selection criteria and that we won’t waste your valuable time by forwarding people who aren’t suitable.

Q: What are Top People’s guarantee periods for candidates?

A: Our guarantee period is between 3 – 6 months depending on the position and required skills.

Q: Where do your candidates come from?

A: It depends on the position and requirements but we:

  • Search our candidate database.
  • Use our contacts through our networks.
  • Search social media for passive candidates.
  • Advertise for active candidates.

Q: What do you expect from the client’s side?

A: COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION and COMMUNICATION! This is so important for us to be able to find you the right people. We will spend a bit more time in the beginning but the results will benefit from it.

We need feedback on candidates you reject or move forward with in the process. This helps us improve and refine our search process.

Always keep us updated. Regular communication with candidates is extremely important. Remember those candidates are speaking to other companies. If they do not believe you are moving forward with them then they will be gone when you get to them. You must keep the process going in a reasonable timeframe or all our work will go out the door. We can’t stress this enough.

Q: Do you recruit from my company?

A: NO, WE DO NOT. This is good way to ruin a partnership.

Q: If one of our staff applies to your job ad will you let us know?

A: We keep all candidates and their information confidential. We will let that staff member know that you are one of our clients.

Q: What methods of your process do incorporate?

A: Our goal is to send you potential employees not STACKS OF RESUMES. Behavioral interviewing and reference checking are part of our selection process.

Q: How many recruiters should we use for one position?

A: The question is how much time and energy do you have to work with multiple agencies? If you have 5 agencies or more working on one job do you have time to manage all the resumes coming through. We recommend no more than 2-3 per job. If there is too many it greatly affects the quality and focus of the selection process. Remember if you don’t have time to communicate with us we will lose candidates and could potentially be sourcing the wrong people. We will never ask for exclusivity when we first start working with you. Our belief is that is something that is earned.