A replacement guarantee is offered on all candidates we place relevant to the seniority of the position. We work hard to ensure our thoroughness of all candidates and the guarantee will not be needed but there is no selection method that is bullet proof. This is why we offer a guarantee to minimize your risk with the process.

We utilize these steps to minimize your risk to begin with:

  • Our initial selection tool is our Essential Criteria Sheet, where we score candidates on each aspect that you require.
  • We use behavioural interviewing as our main selection tool, as past behaviour is the best predictor of future performance.
  • Reference checks are conducted using the same techniques.
  • We train our staff in selection techniques so that they understand how to gather sufficient information for you to make the right selection decision. A structured behavioural interview is more than twice as effective as an informal interview.

Once you have made the selection decision and you have taken on the new employee we actively communicate with them throughout the guarantee period. We have found through experience that the extra line of communication can often overcome ‘teething’ problems in the early stages. If things don’t work out then we will conduct an Exit Interview to gather information on what went wrong. Our philosophy is we want to be your partner before and after you hire any candidates from us. This is a part of our value-added service.

There is no fee if the guarantee has to be activated for termination or the candidate leaving during the probationary period.

For more information contact info@toppeople.com.au