Working With An IT Recruiting Company

This is one of the areas of IT employment that can be absolutely crucial to your business. Why? Well, if you don’t have the right company representing you, it will be hard to actually recruit employees. A good consultant will work hard to get those IT specialists interested in your company and the position. If this isn’t the case, then those IT specialists will go somewhere else. This will leave you searching for candidates from a small pile, when you need the position filled as soon as possible with the most qualified expert. You also have to take into account that the IT market is EXTREMELY competitive. Don’t let your business walk out into the arena empty handed. Find someone that can show off just how great your business is and why they want to work with you.

Recruiters With Experience

What if the IT recruiter for your company doesn’t have ANY experience in IT? How are they going to sell your company when they don’t understand it? When I say ‘experience’, I’m not just talking about IT Sales. I’m talking about someone who has worked as an IT Engineer, developer, etc. They have to understand the IT profession from a technical point of view. Understanding the business from the candidate’s perspective really helps when it gets down to the actual process of recruiting. Do you think the candidate is more likely to listen to a person with an IT technical background or someone with no experience in the tech field at all? If the IT recruiter can talk to the potential candidate on their level, they’re more likely to trust and respect the recruiter’s opinion. Which means you’re more likely to actually recruit some amazing candidates.

Top People USA Knows IT

Here at Top People USA, our consultants are ex-IT people that come from a technical background. Brandon Sentell (General Partner and Recruiting Consultant) comes from a Systems and Networking IT background. He has worked with many IT Development teams on large scale projects. This can help tremendously with the selection process. Having a consultant that can tell the difference between a well-qualified and unqualified candidate can be crucial in not wasting the client’s time, so that you’re not suggested candidates that are not qualified for the position. If that candidate respects that their recruiter understands their background and what they are looking for, then those hard to find candidates will want the recruiter to help them in finding the right job.
Do you have jobs you just can’t seem to fill? This is where it is crucial to see if you’re working with the right company. Can they get the candidates over the line to be interested in talking to your company? It’s important to remember that while they are talking to you, you can guarantee that they are also talking to other companies. Don’t let your position slip away unnoticed. Sell the company and position. With recruitment, timing is everything. Grab the qualified candidate while you have the chance. Even more crucial, you have to have the right person working for you. If you have a hard to fill position, it’s most likely time to start looking for a new recruiter.

These are just a few benefits Top People USA offers:

  • We have experience in the Information Technology industry, such as: Network and/or Systems Engineering, Project Management, and extensive work with Software Developers and more.
  • Our consultants come from a technical IT background, which makes a big difference in their selection process and speaking with potential candidates.
  • We work around your established recruitment methods and strategies.
  • We invest time in understanding your interview process and business culture.
  • We won’t send stacks of resumes to you. Instead, we’ll only send the most qualified candidates right to your door.