Are you paying your IT staff enough?

One sure way to know is to look back at the last 6-12 months to see how many staff you lost due to them being offered higher salaries. Also, look to see how many offers you sent out to IT staff, only to lose them because your offer was too low. All companies want talented IT staff for the lowest salary. However, what companies are finding out is that you better be offering a competitive salary, benefits, relocation package (if needed), and life/work balance.

In today’s market, you better be competitive or you will lose staff. And you won’t be able to replace them with the salary you originally offered. Case in point: we had some clients looking for Sharepoint Architects and Developers, but only wanted to pay $90-100k in Nashville, Tennessee. Soon, they discovered that the going rate was closer to $120k-130k (this was 6 years ago), and they only had about 7 to 10 days to make a decision. Literally, these candidates were getting multiple offers within just days. Granted, culture fit and personality fit are very important, but when you find the right candidate for an extremely hard position to fill, you better grab them and pay them the going rate.

We have seen clients go to the salary surveys and base their salaries on this. We had a particular client whose salary survey was way off, and we had great candidates, but they lost them because the candidates were getting offers with other companies at a much higher wage. Remember the saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? Well, remember that salary survey program could be costing you some good candidates. If you have candidates receiving offers and you’re losing staff because they are getting higher offers than your salary survey, you might want to look at the data they are presenting to your company.

We have seen companies’ recruiting process take too long or they hold too many interviews. From start to finish with IT specialists, it shouldn’t.